Frequently Asked Questions

The first step to adding your organization to the Charity Attributes program is to claim your organization on Use the link below to search for your charity by name or EIN. A member of the OrgHunter team will contact your organization to complete the vetting and verification process shortly after completing the registration page. Charity Search. if your charity has already been claimed on OrgHunter and you would like more information on how to complete the Charity Attributes section in your free profile use the following link. Charity Attributes - Getting Started

With over 2 million charities in the United States, finding the perfect charity to dedicate your support and time is a daunting task with the basic search tools available on the market today. In today's competitive market for donor dollars the top 3% of the charities in the United States tend to attract more than 90% of the donation money annually. The Charity Attributes program is designed to level the playing field for all charities within the United States by giving them the opportunity to be discovered through their unique attributes and a search engine designed to introduce donors to organizations that have similar interests. We could be compared to some of the dating services with a small twist. We are looking to match donors and charities.

Yes the Charity Attributes search engine is available as an API service and can be added to your website or mobile application. For more information visit our charity API developer website Charity Search API

Your organization will benefit in a number of ways. More and more donors are looking for unique ways to discover new charities. The Charity Attributes search interface is just the beginning of this project. Your Charity Attributes will also follow you throughout the OrgHunter website allowing donors a quick preview of your charity. The Charity Attributes program is also available as an API and will be consumed by hundreds of developers and seen by donors around the world.

There is no charge for charities or donors to participate in the Charity Attributes program.